Friday, 9 April 2010

Definite plans

I'm going to stay in Cologne tonight and tomorrow night, I sleep in Amsterdam Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, in Dresden, Germany Wednesday through Friday, then hike up to Sweden to visit another friend from Saturday the 17th to Sunday the 18th. On Monday the 19th I fly back to London from Stockholm, and on the 21st, I leave Europe behind me and head to Israel.

Pics soon!



  1. Give me a number I can call you on. Would love to speak with Andy too.

  2. Just spoke with Mariana and Igor and they said they bought tickets to LA from Dec. 24th till Jan 5th.
    Mariana will be here with Fabio and Igor with Sylvia and her daughter and their mother and their older brother and his wife will come down from Canada where they are living these days.
    So, it looks like you will see all your exchange siblings this year. Pretty cool!