Monday, 29 March 2010

Toledo, Lisbon, and a little Barcelona

I've been a busy gentleman since the last post. Last we spoke I was in Madrid. On my last day there I took a day trip to Toledo, which is this nice really old area maybe an hour away. It was cool. I'm not sure if I fully appreciated the beauty of the area, but I tried. Toledo is also known for it's Marzipan, which was indeed fully appreciated. That was good.

The second set of pics are from Lisbon, Portugal. Had way too much fun, which probably accounts for the late posting. Lisbon was a fantastic place. The architecture was great, the locals were great, the food, the beach, the hostel, all great. Cannot wait to go back one day.

I am now writing from Barcelona. Longest train ride ever to get here. So tired, but I'll sleep when I'm old.

And the slide show starts....


The main castle

Have to walk up a bunch of stairs and across a bridge. This is the view from the bridge.
Who's got two thumbs and likes to party?

Not this guy

Lisbon. This is one of the cooler churches. The tram system in Lisbon is somewhat infamous, and this one in particular is tram 28, one of the more famous of the infamous. It takes you all around the seven hills of Lisbon.
I liked this, some guys sitting around a fountain shooting the shit.
Kids playing soccer in front of a church
Really love this pic. You should see it really blown up.
Lots of chestnut stands around
This is how they guard their military buildings.
Very cool church. Fell victim to fires, but decided not to rebuild, that they liked it just the way it is.

Wine tasting. Porto is from a place in Portugal of the same name. It's a very sweet after-dinner drink, almost like Sherry.
Friends I made in Lisbon. Making dinner before we go out for the night.
My last day there was a trip to the beach. It's maybe a 45 minute train ride to the good ones.

More soccer.
And for the most part, so ended Lisbon.


Thennnnn, I got on the train and headed to Barcelona, which, again, is where I am now.
Haven't been here long, but here goes:

People from the hostel

Museum of Art. Closed on Sundays. This picture was taken on Sunday :(

Walked up there any way.
Bullfights happen here.
Annnnnnnd that takes you right up to yesterday. Today, I went on a tandem bike ride with someone from the hostel. Another dream fulfilled. But those pictures still live on the camera, and will do so until the next post. Something to look forward to, no?

I'm in Barcelona tonight and tomorrow night. Meeting up with a new friend in Venice on the 4th, and haven't quite decided what to do from Barcelona to Venice. Was thinking Switzerland, but I'm told it's quite expensive there, so I think I'll be heading back to France. Somewhere South, so I don't have to train forever again. I need to figure that out soon, and when I do, you will too.

Until then...



  1. And here I thought Toledo was in Ohio.

  2. Mom - I'm in Nice, France. It's nice here. I'll be in Venice in a couple days, and I'll have more time to talk then.

  3. If you have a chance to visit Villefanche which is right next to Nice; I went to school and lived there for a couple of months. Also, you may want to go to Monte Carlo but it may be expensive.
    Thanks for letting me know that you're OK