Monday, 22 March 2010


Good news! The expensive ticket-it's not expensive. The lady in France sold it to me without using the Eurail pass. So I returned it, and got the same ticket for 6 euros. Yay!

I'm in Madrid. Have been here since Saturday, and will leave to Lisbon tomorrow night. I think Barcelona after that.

I met this really cool old guy in the hostel last night. He's a German guy named Reinheart, which is already an awesome name. He's 68, and has spent the last seven years of his life just traveling; Australia, Jamaica, Asia, the Americas, Europe, freaking everywhere. And he just walks around. He has a place in Germany, he said he's there every 10 or 11 months, and then after two weeks, he just always gets the bug to go again. Guy's awesome.

How I got from Paris to Irun, which it turns out is in Spain, not France
My bed was the middle left (bottom-middle?)

Spain has so much pretty countryside. Glare prevented me from getting too many pics though

This is the train station in Irun.

Made it to Madrid. Not too many sights, but the ones that are here are good
This is a 2200 year old Egyptian temple that the Egyptians gifted to Spain in the 60's. It was taken here brick by brick.
Plaza Mayor of Madrid. Glass of wine+book=another awesome reading spott
Next night. Tapas. Snails...
are good!!Some handsome guy
This was really cool. Very modern market with lots of people. Was a wine area, bread area, cheese, meat, veggies, etc. You go around, get some tapas and wine, and hang out there.Freaky giant shrimp with claws. What are these?!
These are from the Prado, arguably Spain's most important Museum. I was here maybe nine years ago. I saw this first painting then, and it's always stuck with me. It's Goya's Saturno. Eating a baby. Dunno why.
Got these two others. Also Goya.And then was informed quite loudly that you're not aloud to take pictures here. Loudly because A, I continue to not be able to speak Spanish, and B, my iPod was doing it's thing


This is the worst.
We have exactly zero Dunkin's in California, but Madrid has at least one. Madrid. PsshhJust missed himLaker people know who this is. He works for a bank here.The food here has been nothing short of spectacular.The museum of ham. Heh.
And that's gonna wrap up the first part of Madrid. Hope all are safe and sound in the States. or wherever you lay your head at night.



  1. It's good to know you are alive and enjoying!

  2. LOL pshh Madrid. Awesome! Glad you are having fun!

  3. I've been going through books too fast. In Madrid it was Stephen King's 'Under the Dome'. The first 9/10's were good, and then it just ended.

    I read Scott Patterson's 'The Quants' in France and am now reading Michael Lewis's 'Panic'. A lot of hostels have an informal take-a-book, leave-a-book thing going on, and I'm happy to take advantage of it.

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  5. I am also disappointed Dunkin' Donuts does not exist in California..