Monday, 15 March 2010

Lille, France

Such a beautiful city. I'd imagine many of these buildings are older than the US. But that's alright. We have Taco Bell. They don't have that here. FACE.

I suppose the song of the day is anything by Phoenix. Can't think of any other French artists.

Broke down and bought a card reader, so it's picture time!

This is what it looks like inside the Chunnel.

There are so many great buildings here.

There was a strike/protest happening in the main square. The French can be loud. Somebody said it was social workers, but I think she might of ment government employees. Or, she didn't.

These pictures don't do that cloud cover justice.

French Beer. Jupiler. Was good! Tiny, but good.

I have so many more pictures to put up, but I am tired and will do that later. Look forward to Jersey/Philly/England pics. Woooo...

Alright, so the plan is to go to Paris in the morning. I'll either spend the night and another day there, or not, but either way then I'll take an overnight train to Madrid. Then to Lisbon, then double back to Barcelona. Then, depending on how expensive it is, I'll take a boat to Italy. And if that works, then I'll take another to Greece, then double back around the continent counter-clockwise.

It's time to go and see how the French spend their evenings. Goodnight all!



  1. haha - me liks the chunnel pic.

  2. the beer you drank wasnt jupiler... you really have a crappy memory... it was called "cuvée des trolls", but you couldnt pronounce it haha enjoy your trip

  3. Not all the beer I drank was with you. I put these pictures up before we went out.

  4. im sorry... i should have recognized the table...