Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lille Part 2/Paris

Lille is really pretty at night too

Met some French. There were maybe 15 of them; they all belonged to a club at a business school at the local university. They were celebrating the girl on the left's new presidency.

Another French beer. Not bad France, not bad.Tradition dictates that the new president chug a carafe of wine. Somehow I got involved with that.

The look of success!

And the look of failure. USA! USA!

We went out for a bit after. Tried another beer. I believe this one is Belgium.

Called it a night bout two. Went back to the hostel in Lille. Slept in, and had breakfast. By the way, when you go to a hostel in France, and they say 'breakfast included', this is what you get. And coffee.The one I'm at now subbed the corn flakes for granola.

So I got into Paris at maybe one in the afternoon yesterday, and got over to the hostel. Contrary to common belief, the French are a nice people. I asked someone for directions to the hostel, and he gave me a ride.
You can see the Eiffel Tower from right outside the front door. Dropped off my stuff, twenty minute walk, and bam:
Haven't figured out the turning picture effect yet. I'll get it.

Walked to the first floor.And the second.

But the third was closed for walking, and I didn't want to take the elevator. That's cheating.

So I made a friend on the hike up, and on the way down this English couple gives us these day passes for a river tour. So off we go.

The Louvre

Notre Dame

A lot of French kids hang just on the side of the river. Was jealous, and spent a good part of my day today doing just this.

Something pretty

A different pretty thing.
Tour done!
So after the boat tour I was pretty wiped. Went back to the hostel, took a shower and slept for a little bit. I heard the the Tower is something else at night, so about eight I went back.

There's an awesome little crepe stand right next to it.

Walked around for a bit, then came back.
Today I woke up, failed to get a ticket to Madrid for tonight (so I'm going tomorrow night), and then went to the Seine as planned.

Spent a couple hours basking. That's the same boat I was on.

Then went into the Louvre.
Took maybe a hundred pictures, but I'm not gonna put them all up now.
Here's a few highlights:

Right off the bat, the building itself is amazing.

Was quite a little mob getting this pic

I liked the sculpture.
Little kids taking an art class. Awesome!

This one was a big deal for some reason, but I still don't speak French.
Scary/awesome thing

Alright you seven loyal followers, that's it for tonight. I know I still owe the Jersey/London pics. There's some good ones in there, so I'll get to that soon. It's an incredibly long train ride to Madrid, so fingers crossed the train has wifi. If they can do it on a plane, maybe on a train too. But I'd be really, really surprised.

Bonne nuit mes amours...


  1. Eight.

    Keep it up, Jersey. Miss you.

    xo S

  2. Awesome man! Keep it up. Loving this.

  3. Very cool!! Make sure you are in the pics, later it will just be scenery! Very jealous, wish I could do it again!

  4. First I've seen the Arch Building

  5. Fucking awesome Matt, Congratulations!